West Palm Beach Postmasters

Postmasters by City


Name Title Date Appointed
(Originally established as WESTPALMBEACH in DADE COUNTY)
John C. Stowers Postmaster 04/17/1894
Name changed to WEST PALMBEACH on July 1, 1896
John C. Stowers Postmaster 07/01/1896
Changed to PALM BEACH COUNTY in 1909
J. Paul Clarke Postmaster 03/02/1910
Name changed to WEST PALM BEACH by 1911
Guy I. Metcalf Postmaster 11/29/1913
Lena M. T. Clarke Acting Postmaster 08/11/1915
James D. Argyle Postmaster 02/08/1916
Lena M. T. Clarke Acting Postmaster 03/01/1920
Lena M. T. Clarke Postmaster 04/28/1920
Calvin W. Campbell Acting Postmaster 08/10/1921
Calvin W. Campbell Postmaster 03/02/1922
George W. Smith Acting Postmaster 11/22/1925
George W. Smith Postmaster 12/18/1925
Oliver B. Carr Acting Postmaster 01/31/1934
Oliver B. Carr Postmaster 05/09/1934
Robert L. McLester Postmaster 08/09/1939
Oliver W. Hartwell Acting Postmaster 01/05/1962
Oliver W. Hartwell Postmaster 09/04/1962
John L. McLee Acting Postmaster 12/30/1966
John L. McLee Postmaster 05/08/1967
Joseph J. Vitek Officer-In-Charge 06/30/1972
Ronald J. Pitts Officer-In-Charge 11/11/1972
Ronald J. Pitts (Mgr) Postmaster 09/29/1973
Dennis C. Burbank (Mgr) Postmaster 03/16/1985
Ronald J. Pitts (Mgr) Postmaster 04/26/1986
Don M. Spatola Officer-In-Charge 04/21/1989
Floyd J.(Jack) Crawford Jr. Postmaster 09/23/1989
Lela R. Buscemi Officer-In-Charge 10/03/1992
Floyd R. McDaniel Postmaster 06/12/1993
Richard L. Barber Officer-In-Charge 08/12/2006
Maribeth A. Norman Officer-In-Charge 01/13/2007
Maribeth A. Norman Postmaster 05/12/2007
Edwin J. Coppola Officer-In-Charge 01/04/2010
Salvatore N. Vacca Postmaster 03/27/2010
Phyllis A. Reed Officer-In-Charge 09/24/2010
Robert Weiser Officer-In-Charge 10/29/2010
Richard Fermo Postmaster 02/11/2012
Robert Weiser Postmaster 04/29/2015

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