Our County has history!

Each week I will write something about the history of Palm Beach county. We all have heard the big stories and names – Flagler, the Kennedys, Palm Beach…but what about the ones you haven’t heard of like Alligator Joe or Trapper Nelson? Or places that no longer exist, such as Ancient America or Africa USA? If you have a story of old Palm Beach County, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Shari says:

    Your work is excellent and I truly enjoyed reading about the history. Very well done!

  2. Shari says:

    This presentation of history is very interesting and well done! Thank you!

  3. Joseph W. Holness says:

    Hello Ginger, great reading about your memories of West Palm Beach. I went to school with Doug Mears, the son of the owner of the Sportsman Inn. Their fried chicken and grilled garlic cheese bread was the BEST! I’m glad to see a website like yours dedicated to the history of Palm Beach County. I’d love to see more on the 60s & 70s era when I grew-up there (Native Floridian / Cajun Heritage), which was in Lake Clark Shores. I left for the military after leaving Forest Hill High and now I am retired USAF living in Oregon. I do miss the Great Good Old Days of West Palm Beach., FL. Anyway, Keep Up The Good Historical Work.


  4. renee silvernail says:

    Love your website!!! Your history lessons were VERY well written. Also wanted to thank you for remembering the names of those wonderful places/stores from my past. Had to laugh, i also saw “Jaws” at the “Cinema 70” like 5x’s, as well as “The Goodbye Girl”, and so many other movies. I had forgotten about “Dolly the Trolley”. I now live on Merritt Island (Cape Canaveral), but i still drive to Jupiter & Lake Worth beaches twice a month during the Summer. I love where i live now, but you would be surprised at how murky the beaches are only an hour or so north of you. Sadly i left W.P.B back in 1991, because i wanted my daughter raised in a small town, will lower crime rates & Less drug issues. I am grateful i found Merritt Island as my daughter is now 22yrs old and MOST of her friends are the people she went to Kindergarden with(: It makes me happy that i was able to give her a childhood, like the one i had in W.P.B., just wish it could have been in W.P.B.): It hurt to drive past the P.B. Mall recently and see it is no more. Knowing that the Autotorium will never see another Rock Concert, and i will never attend another game at the old statium really stinks. Generally i just hit the Beaches then head back home at the end of the day. Somewhere i have a load of Pictures of Dreher Park BEFORE they did the re-model. When i find them, i will send them to you. There are a few spots that have not changed much thou, like downtown Lake Worth, and the area behind the Palm Coast Plaza (: Could someone tell me, who came up with the insane idea of putting that horrible bridge on “us1” in Rivera Bch? I ran the “Phillips 66” Station at the corner of Port rd & us1 for years, and it bothers me to see that ugly bridge there now. Our next trip down, i’m taking my daughter on the bike trail in Palm Bch, the Flagler Museum, The Zoo, & The Science Museum. After reading so many posts on the newspaper site, i want her to see some of the W.P.B that gave me so many wonderful memories.

  5. Hayley says:

    Really interesting stuff. So few people seem to know the area has history worth learning about. I’ve been working on my Barefoot Mailman Facebook page and having fun with it.

    Good luch and keep up the great job.

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  6. Paul says:

    Dear Ginger,
    I was looking at the Post beach Post historic site where I have a question posted about a small hamburger place on A1A singer Island, looking for an answer, and I noticed your web site. I am very interested in our So. Florida history having grown up there. In 1957 at age 3 we moved to the Villiage of No.Palm Beach, and have many memories some clear,others not so clear, but that’s what is so special about sites like yours, that enable others to help us relive these fond memmories of our youth.Because I was a child,there are many places I would like to be refreshed and have more details about. Also, over time, these “landmarks” disappear with the so called progress of “new” and how great it would be to see a photo . Is this possible from your site?
    Paul Lange

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  7. Paul says:

    I agree with Renee with the “Port “bridge, that’s because I have good memories as a child going to the Bazaar International, really the first “modern” mall in our area. My Mother used to say, it was too modern for people, and maybe that’s why it faded away perhaps prematurely. I remember climbing to the top of our ficus tree, to barely get a glimpse of the Baraar tower, which had an elevator,anyone rememebr?
    I always disliked it when they decide to tear some landmark or place where you went to as a child or young person. It would be nice to see some photos, is that possible?

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  8. Terry Hardwick says:

    Trying to remember just where the Sportsman Inn was. Favorite eating spot.
    Native of West Palm, went to Palm Beach High, graduated 1962 and still here.
    Thanks to all for the memories.

  9. Harold Hetzler says:

    The Sportsman’s Inn was owned and operated by a man named Max Mears. My dad was a deputy sheriff in Palm Beach County and was good friends with Mr. Mears. Dad would take me to Sportsman’s Inn for pizza once in a while. Mr. Mears would come to the table and sit and talk with us while we waited on dinner. The dinner was usually on the house thanks to Mr. Mears. Memory isn’t real clear at this time but I think the Sportsman’s Inn was on the west side of Military Trail just north of Palm Beach International Airport between Southern Blvd. and Belvedere Rd.

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